Map of Omicron spread in England

December 16, 2021

This article has not been updated recently

This map is no longer being updated as the UK Government stopped providing figures on 31 Dec 2021. At the time records ceased, Omicron was estimated to be over 96% of all COVID-19 infections in the UK.

Understanding this map

The map shows areas of England where Omicron is present, and the percent of sequenced positive PCR tests in each region where there is S-gene target failure (SGTF), or "S-gene dropout", which is known to occur in Omicron infections.

The darker areas of this map indicate higher percentages of S-Gene dropouts. Dark areas show where Omicron has become the dominant strain, whereas light areas show Delta remains dominant, for now.

Unfortunately UKHSA only provides data for England, and so there is no data to show for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Scroll over the map and click on your region to find out what percentage of positive cases are suspected to be Omicron in your region.

The map does not show overall case numbers and darkly coloured areas of the map do not necessarily have more active cases than other areas.

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