Introducing the ZOE Health Study!

May 5, 2022

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The ZOE COVID Study is changing to the ZOE Health Study. 

We are making this move as we feel this update helps to convey the work and research we are now doing, which goes beyond COVID and aims to tackle global health issues such as cancer and heart disease.

Why the ZOE Health Study? 

As a Study, we’ve been researching more than just COVID for almost a year. We’ve had over 800,000 of our contributors pledge for their data to be used for the ‘wider health studies’ and 480,000 have filled out their ZOE Health Profile. Our team of scientists are already busy researching areas such as menopause symptoms, symptoms in cancer patients and diet habits, and even more new studies are in development. 

It’s because of the Study’s growing, wider health focus, that it makes sense that we are now the ZOE Health Study. But don’t worry, we’re still committed to tracking the symptoms and spread of COVID.

So what is the ZOE Health Study? 

Now, with the world’s largest community of at-home scientists committed to logging their health, ZOE is in a unique position to explore human health on an enormous scale. 

Using ZOE's signature approach of home-based, app-enabled data collection, the ZOE Health Study seeks to understand what the symptoms we experience day-to-day and modifiable behaviours such as diet can tell us about our overall health. ZOE believes studying at this scale will reveal the things we can all do to improve our health and protect ourselves and others against future health conditions. 

The ZOE Health Study empowers everyone to fight major diseases from the comfort of their home, both for the benefit of science and also for their own health. 

What the ZOE Health Study needs from you

  • Take 10 seconds a day to log how you feel, reporting any changes to your physical or mental health
  • Find 15 mins every few months to complete new surveys 
  • Soon you’ll be able to keep your Health Profile up-to-date with any changes to your overall health
  • Stay with ZOE for the long haul. With long-term monitoring at scale, we can reveal the behaviour changes that most strongly impact disease risk

What you can expect from ZOE and the ZOE Health Study

  • We’ll use your data to fight the most important health issues of our time, especially those that you tell us you care most about
  • We’ll make it easier and faster to complete your daily reports
  • You’ll be the first to know about any insights we gain from contributor data
  • We’ll provide a comprehensive record of your immune responses, which you can share with your healthcare provider if you wish
  • We’ll never sell your personal data, that’s a promise 
  • We’ll be transparent about how we might use your data to influence any developments to potential products that advance human health

You can read more about our data policy here: 

We want to reiterate how incredibly grateful we are for your contributions over the past two years. We’ve already made huge scientific strides and are excited to continue on our mission to fight more than just COVID.

Keep reading for more detail on the ZOE Health Study mission.

How will the ZOE Health Study uniquely help human health science?

Fundamentally, ZOE believes that:

  1. Immune health lies at the core of almost all major diseases from COVID to cancer 
  2. There are many things within people’s own control (modifiable behaviours like diet habits, sleep quality, social behaviour) that they can do to improve their immune health.

ZOE believes in the central role of immune health in most diseases because our immune system (which includes our gut microbes) helps to reduce inflammation and inflammation is key for diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Our immune cells spot and kill cancer cells before they proliferate and play a key role in repairing the damage caused by ageing. There are also clear links between our immune health and our mental state.

The ZOE Health Study is in the best position to explore this because we’ve amassed one of the world’s largest datasets on immune function through COVID-19/influenza-related symptoms, test results, vaccinations, and vaccination adverse effects data and more.

With our Contributors' continued help, we aim to carry out critical new scientific research exploring how changes in people’s modifiable behaviours are associated with and potentially cause changes in their immune function. This will help scientists to understand how different levels of immune function are associated with changes in disease-related outcomes.

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