Had a COVID antibody test? Here’s how to log your result

November 3, 2021

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We’ve made some important updates to the antibody test logging screens to account for the recent changes made to antibody testing in the UK.

Lots of you have taken part in antibody tests to find out whether or not you have COVID-19 antibodies.

In the early days, we gave access to antibody tests via the government’s testing system. These tests only tested for antibodies developed after a COVID-19 infection (anti-nucleocapsid antibodies / anti-N antibodies).

However, the system has recently been updated to also test for antibody-spike (anti-S) antibodies that can be created from both COVID-19 infection and vaccination.

Read more about the different kinds of antibody tests available on our blog.

How do I get an antibody test?

Unfortunately, we’re no longer able to offer antibody tests via the government. We understand that lots of you want access to antibody tests so here’s two ways to get your hands on a test:

1. Opt in to do antibody tests when booking a free PCR test through the government website. This won’t guarantee you’ll be sent an antibody testing kit, but you may be randomly selected to take part in antibody testing if your PCR test result is positive and there is capacity.  

2. Book an antibody test through a private provider. The cost varies widely, so make sure to shop around.

To get more information on antibody tests here are the links to the government websites:

General antibody testing information: Coronavirus (COVID-19): antibody testing - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Information about who is eligible for a test: Register for an antibody test kit to check if you've had coronavirus (COVID-19) before or been vaccinated - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

How do I log my antibody test results in the ZOE app?

How you log your antibody test result with ZOE depends on where you got your test from.

Government testing

If you get an antibody test via the government route (either via gov.uk portal or by opting-in during the registration for a COVID-19 test), please make sure that you tell us that by selecting the finger-prick blood test (Antibody) option and marking yes on the following question.

If antibodies were found in your blood sample, you’ll get one of three results. Here’s how to understand your result and log it correctly.

Option 1

If your results say:

“Antibodies were found in your blood sample. This means it’s likely you’ve had COVID-19 in the last 6 months. We detected antibodies that are made after an infection, and also antibodies that could have been caused by a vaccine.”

This means your test result found both antibodies developed through infection, as well as antibodies that could have been developed from vaccination, so positive for both anti-N and anti-S. If this is the result you get, please check the first option in the antibody test logging screen.

Option 2

If your results say:

“Antibodies were found in your blood sample. This means it’s likely you’ve had COVID-19 in the last 6 months, or had the vaccine.”

This means anti-S antibodies were detected, but not anti-N. While this suggests you’ve probably had a vaccine but not had an infection previously, it is possible you have had COVID-19, but the anti-N levels have reduced to below detectable levels.

Please select the second option in the app.

Option 3

If your results say:

“Antibodies were found in your blood sample. This means it’s likely you’ve had COVID-19 in the last 6 months.”

This means you’ve tested positive for antibodies developed following a COVID-19 infection and have anti-N antibodies. If this is you, check the third option.

What if I didn’t get a positive result?

If no antibodies were found in your blood sample, you should select the ‘Negative' option

If your coronavirus (COVID-19) antibody test could not be processed, you should select the option ‘Not clear/ failed’

If you haven’t yet received the test results, you should select ‘Waiting for results’.

Private antibody testing

If you got a COVID-19 antibody test through another route here is how you log your results in the app.

If the type of test you received was a finger-prick blood test, make sure you select that the test was not ordered via gov.uk or opt-in during registration for a COVID-19 test.

We then ask you which type of antibody test it was that you received: Anti-N antibody test or Anti-S antibody test.

Finally, you’ll need to select the results of the test with four possible options:

  1. Negative: if antibodies were not found in your blood
  2. Positive: if antibodies were found in your blood
  3. Waiting for results: if you haven’t received the results yet
  4. Not clear / failed: if the antibody test could not be processed for any reason

All of these results help us to gather as much data as possible, so that we can continue to monitor how vaccines are working, and how effective and long-lasting the different types of antibodies can be, so please do log your results in the app as soon as you receive them!

Stay safe and keep logging!

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