Have you done your science today? Easy ways to log your daily health report

February 24, 2022

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Do I still need to log daily in the ZOE COVID Study app?

Yes. More than two years on from when the pandemic first started, it’s still just as important to log as regularly as you can, especially as access to testing starts to change.

The ZOE COVID Study was built to predict and track COVID before we had access to any testing in the UK, so we will still continue to track COVID with confidence using symptom data from our Contributors’ health reports.

The ZOE COVID Study offers a unique insight into how COVID spreads because we track a much larger number of symptoms than the ‘classic three’ of cough, fever and loss of smell, and even discover new symptoms which may be emerging. We can also keep track of how symptoms are changing with variants like Omicron.

Your daily reports are crucial to helping us keep track of symptoms and the spread of infections in the UK, and are still a vital tool used by the government every day. And we’ve made it easier than ever to log the results of your lateral flow tests with a single tap, whether positive or negative. 

Tips on how to log every day

We’ve collected some tips from regular contributors to help you build a habit of logging every day. 

  • Pick the best time to log and stick to it

Make logging part of your daily routine. For example, you could log while brushing your teeth in the morning, having a coffee after lunch, or as part of your evening routine.   

“It’s one of my first tasks when I return home from work”  

Decide what time of the day would work best for you and make it a habit in your current schedule. 

  • Log alongside something else you do every day 

Logging at the same time as things you do regularly can help you use the app more often. Some contributors log while waiting for the results of their LFTs, checking their emails or listening to the news. 

“I use the app every time ‘Thought for the Day’ is on Radio 4.”

What do you do every day that you can associate with your daily health report and do it at the same time? 

  • Log with family and friends

Many contributors report on behalf of others, such as older relatives or their children. Many more have encouraged their friends to start logging. 

“I report when I know how my family is feeling, as I report for all of us.”

“I tell friends what important findings have resulted from the app to show that it is worth reporting and very quick and easy.” 

Find someone who also uses the app, or would like to, and encourage each other to log regularly. Download the app here, or by searching for the ZOE COVID Study in the app store or on Google Play.

  • Log when the thought strikes you 

Strike while the iron is hot and report when you’re prompted to, either by the app’s reminder notification or when you’re looking up the latest COVID news and figures.   

“Sometimes it pops into my head or I see something on Twitter that reminds me to report.”

“I report regularly because I am interested to see the data for my region.” 

When you’re checking the latest COVID data via the app, use it as an opportunity to do your bit and report how you’re feeling today, even if you’re feeling fine.  

  • Be motivated to log every day knowing you’re making a difference 

What we hear the most from our contributors is that they value being part of the research.   

“I feel compelled to report to enable the data to exist from which analysis can take place.“

If you’re interested in the results and conclusions drawn from the ZOE COVID Study, report in the app as much as possible and be part of building accurate, real-time data about COVID symptoms and infection spread in the UK.

How can I contribute to the ZOE COVID Study?

The best way to contribute to the ZOE COVID Study is to download the app and spend a minute logging how you’re feeling every day, as well as reporting the results of all the COVID tests you take, whether positive or negative.

We love seeing our contributors log every day; however, we still get valuable insights from those who log less often. So don’t worry or feel guilty if you don’t manage to log daily, or miss a few days because you’re busy, just pick it up again as soon as you can. 

We’re making it as easy as possible for you to log your symptoms and COVID tests. To speed up the daily reporting flow, we: 

  • Have simplified how to log the results of a COVID antibody test
  • Send daily notifications to remind you to log - if you’re not receiving these, remember to turn on notifications in the app
  • Have added a new function so you can log LFT results with one click

Finally, we just want to say thank you.

We’re grateful to all our Contributors who’ve helped to make a difference to our scientific knowledge about this new disease. We’re really excited to move forward with you as we branch out into answering other vital research questions about some of our biggest health challenges through our Wider Health Studies.

Stay safe and keep logging.

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